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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My Reputation...

People have said a lot of things about me… good and bad. One of the more flattering things anyone has said to me of late was a comment Midtown Girl made this past Saturday as we were driving by a pottery place…

Midtown: ”Hey B/E/G, want to try painting pottery?”
B/E/G: “Sure.”
Midtown: “Of course you do… you’ll try anything!”

I like that I’m THAT girl… the person that will go to any concert, try any kind of activity, go on any trip (and since the NY Resolution of 2002), and try any food/drink. The reason I love this about myself is because when I was younger – I was the opposite. Petrified to be embarrassed, avoiding any situation where people might laugh at me, or my biggest fear: try something that I wouldn’t be good at (every perfectionist’s nightmare).

I started to care less about this when I hit university and gradually, I grew less afraid of screwing up, less concerned about what other people thought (hmmm, seems like I had this conversation last night…). Eventually, things like going to a movie alone (remember, I’m from a small town where this is not the norm), going to aerobics classes and being the only idiot grapevine-ing the wrong way, traveling to the middle of Colombia by myself – all these things became something that I could be excited about, instead of fearful that I would screw up or that someone would laugh at me (because I already feel like an idiot, most of the time… Followed by: I like you just the way you are… BJD).

So add to this the fact that I’ve fully embraced my nerd personality… I am a bookworm. I like to cook. I like to design and sew my own clothes and make jam and Christmas gifts. I’m a movie-a-holic and love music (not just trendy Coachella music either…I LOVE Tom Jones & co.). I like to run. I like to refinish furniture and love power tools. Yeah… nerd. And I love it.

The end result is that I am exactly who I want to be BECAUSE of all that, not it spite of it.

So, that in mind... look for B/E/G taking stripper pole dancing at a studio near you...

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