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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Mint Julep... Oh No You Di-int!

Do you have a restaurant where you know that you’re always going to have an amazing meal? Not just good, but outstanding? Big Daddy’s Crabshack and Oysterbar is that restaurant for me. I’m typically someone who finds something on the menu and sticks to it forever… and at Big Daddy’s, I’m loathe to admit that there is such an item… the seafood fondue. I’ve never not had it. However, I have additionally had nearly every other thing on the menu, including (thanks to my work pal from Halifax) the alligator bites. Yummy.

So last night, 601 and I headed down to Big Daddy’s and drank Mint Juleps, each had a lb of mussels (I liked 601’s creamy leek better than my garlic and wine), split the fondue, which if you’ve never had it, fly to Toronto tonight and get yourself in there, and followed up with an order of crawfish for him and coconut shrimp for me. It was so good!! I love that place – if I wasn’t going to marry my TIVO, I would consider the seafood fondue.

So after dinner, 601 and I wander down (rather circuitously in the freezing cold, while I did the SpongeBob Squarepants dance in front of the CBC offices) to Second City for a show. Monkey Soup was on the Mainstage last night. I’m a big fan of improv, having been a judge for the NB High School Improv Games for several years and this was no letdown. The show was incredible and hilarious and what Improv is supposed to be. 601’s hype about this particular group being the best in the country (or was it best in North America?), did not fall short. The tag-in/tag-outs were great, the flow was so good and they just seemed really tight. Oh and walking away from a show with expressions like “destroyed my womanly treasures,” “tall and fat girl is on a rampage” and “bedroom day” – I didn’t pay with MasterCard, but it was priceless.

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