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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


30 days until Coachella
Just thought I’d start by rubbing that in…

So it is a sad day… the girls from next door have moved away. Although I’m pumped to go see them in Vancouver, I will miss the quiet knocks on my door to chat, invites to dinner (fabulous homemade pumpkin gnocchi), and our reliable routine of picking up each other’s papers when one of us is out of town.

I’ve got my second race of the year on Saturday morning. I almost don’t want to count the first race – the Resolution Run on New Year’s Day… I was so hung over that I wasn’t certain I’d finish without yacking. That’s the last time I play Jell-o Shot Checkers the night before I race (although I am the undisputed champion) – I think I’ll stick to getting drunk at Raptors games and getting on the Jumbo-Tron with Greektown (before last year’s 10km Zoo Race). So anyway, this week is the Spring Run-Offhttp://www.canadarunningseries.com/springrunoff/ at High Park. There’s an 8km and 5km race and JeansMarines are mostly doing the 5km (as am I).

JeansMarines you say? They’re my running group: http://www.jeansmarines.com/. Midtown Girl and I joined in early February and we’ve been training with the ladies since that time. Ultimately, our goal is to run a full marathon (either the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC or the Toronto International Marathon, both in late October). So much for my goal of running a half this year! I never really wanted to run a full – I was quite content with the idea of a half – after all the only reason I got into the longer distances in the first place was to see how much my busted-up neck and shoulder would stand up to.

It’s amazing how attainable running the marathon feels with this group. The training is slow and steady; we jumped on board just as they were getting to the 5km distances, which we were both already doing easily. I’m looking forward to that magical week in July when we push past 10km for the first time! So there will be much more about JM in the months to come… I’m sure at some point I’ll be cursing Midtown Girl for dragging me into this and alternately thanking her. Maybe someday I’ll have a race time I’m not embarrassed to post!

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