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Thursday, March 24, 2005

In Miscellaneous News....

Oh god, I just got electronic pictures of our vacation… for some reason the photos I am most afraid of having out in cyberland are the only ones loaded on the site. Gulp.

Anyhow, in other news… SJ Flames is officially planning his trip to the big city… events will include visits to the Toronto Triangle Jays game / CN Tower / Steamwhistle brewery (Sunday, May 8, officially a SSHT national holiday – we will be on the Jumbo-tron). Also on the agenda… shopping (I’ve been tasked with finding a Hugo Boss outlet in TO or surrounding area… anybody???) and a Niagara-On-The-Lake wineries tour as well as of course, the aforementioned concert on the roof.

Vermont Girl has been persuaded to visit next weekend… after severe arm-twisting (B/E/G: Hey, want to come visit? VG: why? B/E/G/: ‘cause I miss you VG: okay) she’s booked her travel. Arriving Thursday, we will be planning a number of fun events including: Midtown Girl and I running our first Jean’s Marine’s race (Spring Run-Off @ High Park) on Saturday with VG cheering us on (she’s very good at cheering! She even makes up her own cheers.), a girls night out Saturday night and perhaps trying to get the box seats to Wicked (yes, I’m going to go AGAIN!). If anyone knows any good speed dating events in TO on the weekend, we’ve been working on some great lines we’d like to use…

I recently picked up the following CDs that I officially LOVE:
Keane – Hopes and Fears
Feist – Let It Die
Hidden Cameras – Mississauga Goddamn
Postal Service – Give Up
Got a free Stars / Exclaim Tour promo CD which I currently have in the car. Love that too.

Still listening to the Arcade Fire which I also love. Planning to pick up Handsome Boy Modeling School since I’m seeing them in early April.

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