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Monday, March 14, 2005

Hola Chichas...

So the Chicha MamasitasScallywag, Greektown, Young and Not Eligible (in keeping with trying to name people by geography… Young and Not Eligible – or Y/NE for short – lives at Yonge/Eglington, a neighborhood often referred to as Young and Eligible… In keeping with our name game discussion… fiancée? Partner? Girl/boyfriend?… I’m just calling her not eligible…) and B/E/G are back from their SI Swimsuit Edition photoshoot in lovely Playa del Carmen, Mexico. To answer your questions… yes, the weather was perfect, yes, we were the resident alcoholics, yes, it was a beautiful resort and yes, I harassed pool boys with my Spanish ALL week. No one got sick, no one got sunburnt so much so that they missed anything and no one was hungover (thanks in large part to Y/NE managing our water / alcohol intake). It was awesome.

Friday: We arrived without incident… and were ushered into the admin office to learn that the hotel was oversold and we would have to share a room for the first night. In return, they were happy to refund us the cost of our first night and at Greektown’s urging, offered us free massages at the spa as well. We dumped luggage, grabbed some food and drinks at the nearest bar and set out to explore the resort in the dark.

Saturday: After sorting out the rooms, doing the orientation tour, booking day trips and restaurants for the week, we headed for the beach pool (adults only). At the top of the resort property, it is a circular stone pool fed by the ocean. With waves breaking against the rocks surrounding it, and a distant view of Cozumel, it was one of the most beautiful spots on the resort and greatly enhanced of course when we hoochies showed up! Very first snorkeling experience and can I say I’m glad I was not attacked by the Bleel (it’s a fish that looks like an eel and it’s blue - and yes, we made up that name). Can I just say that Scallywag has THE most complicated suntan lotion regime I’ve ever seen? Dinner at the Mexican restaurant, followed by drinks and the show… naturally Greektown and I ended up on stage doing the resort dance. Day One

Sunday: Pool day! We staked out fabulous spots and Greektown and I were at the swim-up bar in our inner tubes before they opened. Which made for an interesting surprise when they turned on the waterfall that encloses the swim-up bar… ever try to get out from a waterfall in an inner tube while holding two drinks? Yeah, we’re now experts. Pool volleyball with the activity cuties followed up by water aerobics (poor woman who was THROWN out of the way so cutie activity guy could massage my back… hmm, little more to the front, little more…). The day ended with Greektown and I on stage AGAIN after the Mayan Riviera version of the Oscars… all I have to say is that beeyatch, Center Stage SO should have won best musical (it’s an honor just to be nominated), not that I didn’t enjoy the fat lady singing Grease at the top of her lungs – and doing the hand jive. Boo hiss. Day Two

Monday: Pool day – awesome spot with lounge chairs in front of the activity hut (ie: cute pool boys). Too many drinks to count – oh happy, happy day… there’s a cheese machine at the lunch buffet. More pool volleyball and Team B/E/G wins trivia… who says pretty girls can’t be smart? Off to our massages… sadly they were not “happy ending massages” although Y/NE had the cutest massage guy EVER – ja-leux (“Turn over Lady”). So now that we’re nice and relaxed and stretched out… how about a pub crawl with 200 other fun-seeking people from various resorts… we hit the cave bar, Carlos and Charlie’s (where Y/NE was groped and forced to drink tequila), and ended at Senor Frog’s for the most fun dancing ever… the bar was on the beach and yes, yet again, Greektown and I were on stage with the band while I wore the I Am Canadian cowboy hat… who called that I would have that on my head by the end of the night? Day Three

Tuesday: Playa del Carmen…. Beach day, boogie boarding and the “ladies” are set loose. Oh, and I got a cool straw cowboy hat. After several days on the resort, we packed it up for a beach day/shopping day in town – and yes kids, Scallywag and B/E/G set the ladies loose – it’s what you do in Me-hico… or if you’re Greektown and Y/NE, you OWN the boogie boards… Overall, an amazing day of beach-ing and shopping (I got to feed the amber obsession…). Ended the day smoking cigars in hammocks by the pool. Day Four

Wednesday: Xel-ha and Tulum – a day trip. So time for some serious snorkeling… and by serious I mean that I swam over a sting ray (talk about throwing up in your mouth…). It was completely awesome – we hung out at this beautiful nature park with a river that runs into the ocean… we started at the top of the river and snorkeled down. It was amazing. Then Scallywag and I exchanged our snorkeling gear for tubes (after persuading the equipment guys that they shouldn’t make us walk all the way back to the top of the river to get tubes – once again the “ladies” save the day) while Greektown and Y/NE took off to explore caves and do more snorkeling… after lunch we hit Tulumthe clifftop Mayan ruins where we learned that Mantachik (or something like that) means shut-up in Mayan. It was beautiful… and very different from the Teotihuacan ruins, just outside of Mexico City. Came home, got a little tipsy and hit the disco until the scary dancing people forced us off for our own safety… who knew shaking like that and doing leg kicks were back in? Day Five

Thursday: Y/NE and Greektown hit the Xcaret nature park while Scallywag and I lounged by the pool, drank our faces off and glared at the four families that decided to install themselves next to us – boo hiss! Although we didn’t resort to taking our tops off, one of our chair neighbors did… with our combined efforts of glaring, swearing etc… we eventually scared them off. It turns out that when you make a joke about being an alcoholic, the drink waitress starts bringing you doubles… After a lovely dinner at the steakhouse (which ironically had the best veggie option for Scallywag) we got hoochy-ed up and headed into Playa del Carmen to the Blue Parrot a much talked about nightspot for locals. Recommended by our lovely resort activity boys as well as various other people around the resort – it was far beyond our expectations… the dance floor was on the beach, surrounded by tiki torches and had only a sky full of stars as a cover. The DJ was amazing… and the dance floor was packed from the first song. The bar was open air, with swings hanging from the thatched roof. Further back, it was like Arabian Nights, billowing fabrics hanging down, Persian rugs on the sand and scattered pillows and another DJ playing great lounge-type electronica – very mellow. Definitely our best night. Day Six

Friday: boo hiss, our last day. We packed up, dropped our luggage at the front desk and headed down to the pool. We scored a great spot, dragged our lounge chairs into the water and drank until it was time to leave for the airport – taking short breaks to ham it up for the various cameras. We were definitely quite entertaining and no surprise, the families who settled down next to us didn’t last very long before moving to another, less X-rated area. We stuffed our faces with Domino’s pizza at the airport, did some last minute shopping then settled in to watch BJD II on the plane ride home… how perfect! And the trip was rounded out with absolutely the best airport greeting ever… Scallywag’s new man met us at the airport with flowers for each of us. We likee. Day Seven

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