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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Have I No Shame?

So last night I walked into Seduction – an adult toys/lingerie shop in my neighborhood (normally I would never shop at this place, preferring a much classier spot called Lovecraft in Yorkville, however I was pressed for time) and without blushing in the least, I asked the “greeter person” (at Seduction, the greeter person was dressed like a schoolgirl Elvira – this is why I prefer Lovecraft) where the vibrator section was. She asked this young guy to show me to the “wall-o-vibrators” and as we walked to the section, I asked specifically for the Egg (also I learned, called the bullet). At what point in my life did I stop feeling embarrassed? So as I asked questions about the various types of lube… I was kind of laughing at myself. When did I become this person? Years ago I would never have been able to even go in the store!

Same thing happened yesterday when I was having my physical… (more on that later). My doctor was drawing blood for my cholesterol and other old person type tests and I asked him to add an HIV test to the list. This is my second HIV test – I had one just before Fanny Pack and I broke up and I started seeing Ebola. I don’t think I needed to have one, it just seemed like the responsible, grown-up thing to do. And now as a single girl getting out there again, I like to know that I have a clean slate. It just amazes me how easy it was to ask for it. The last time I was so nervous, asking my doctor to have it done! It had nothing to do with being nervous about the results – I was afraid of being judged – despite having really only been in a string of long-term relationships. Strange really – I’d like to know when I stopped caring what people think.

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