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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Boobwatch 2005

Being from New Brunswick, I am used to month-long waits for doctor appointments, terse and somewhat frustrating visits where my doctor either sneaks in a cholesterol test in routine blood work or overprescribes a drug without even asking why, after three years I’m still taking it (I loves me my T-3). Figure that one out… Now I’m fully immersed in the Ontario health care system and I must say… so far I’m quite impressed. I have yet to wait more than a week to get in, even if I say it’s not urgent. When they pulled Vioxx off the market and I found myself struggling to manage the pain in my neck (not in this case Ebola), my Ontario doctor patiently took me through 4 different NSAIDs until we found one that didn’t make my extremities swell (Naproxen), give me migranes (Mobicox) or cause an allergic reaction (Bextra). This process took several months of trial and error and many, many visits. My NB physician kept me on my old drug for two years despite the side effects and was writing the prescriptions a year at a time.

So I called the doctor’s office today to make an appointment – I need refills for a prescription and I have to go in for my annual “womanly treasures” checkup (I knew I’d have a chance to use that expression!!). The next thing you know, I’m booked for a full physical next Tuesday. I’ve never had a physical before… even when I traveled to South America for several months and required one for the trip sponsors, I walked in to the office in NB and maybe had my blood pressure taken. That was my full physical. So I’m kind of pumped. I even have to fast before the appointment (I know what that means this time! They’re checking my GD cholesterol again!!). Apparently I even get hooked up to some kind of heart monitor machine… according to one of my girlfriends who goes to the same doctor – it’s a pretty intense process. So hopefully all is well and we don’t have a repeat of the “breast cancer scare of 2004,” although I still have the card that Vermont Girl sent and we did come up with some cute jokes…

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