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Thursday, March 31, 2005

All You Need To Know About - Phil The Alien

Movie: Phil the Alien
Director: Rob Stephaniuk
Writer: Rob Stephaniuk
Producer: Mihkel Hirilaid
Distributor: Lion’s Gate Films
Website: http://www.blackwalk.com/philthealien/
Phil the Alien/SI Beaver: Rob Stephaniuk
Madame Madame: Nicole de Boer
Wolf: Graham Green
Joey: Brad McGinnes
Slim: Boyd Banks
Plot: Phil the Alien crashes to Earth and find himself alone in the wilds of northern Canada. In the process of going home he goes from drunk to Christian rock singer to mass murder.

This movie premiered at last year’s TIFF. I skipped it in hopes that just such an opportunity would come along to see it. Currently playing downtown at the Carlton (Carlton/Yonge), this film was very enjoyable. Previous to seeing it, I had heard various comments… that it was funny, not so funny, odd, etc. I must say that I really liked it. How can you not love a movie where the alien stumbles around wasted, (much like we did at the social club back in the day) saying things like “I’m frightened,” “I’m a magician,” “Moving things with your mind is the coolest thing ever.” Hell, he was hilarious just to look at! Oh, and Phil’s best friend on the planet is a Super Intelligent Beaver (who, incidentally can shoot a high powered rifle). I also loved the alien in the glass bubble saying over and over… “Kill me. Kill me now. Kill me” while whacking his face against the glass. If you are not laughing out loud and wanting a Phil for your very own, you’re of no use to me.

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