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Monday, March 21, 2005

60 second movie reviews

Here are some really quick movie reviews…

In Hitch, Will Smith plays the “date doctor” Alex Hitchens, who helps lovelorn men by “creating opportunities” for them to connect with the women they are in love with from afar. It’s a really cute date movie. Unless you’re taking me on the date, which I don’t recommend because I laughed so hard that I snorted and numerous times I was caught slapping my knee. So that’s just embarrassing. Highlights: not a bad plot for a romantic comedy… my favorite parts were without question the dancing… LOVE the Q-Tip and SpongeBob SquarePants. Love it!

The Upside of Anger with Joan Allen and Kevin Costner.
Normally I would never be caught dead liking a movie with Kevin Costner unless it’s Field of Dreams. He’s tanked in so many films that it’s just painful to watch him. However, in this particular case, he plays an ex-baseballer (Costner was recently quoted as having said that he’s decided to play a baseball player once every five years until he dies), turned radio personality who wanders over to his neighbors house to get drunk with his recently abandoned neighbor, played by Joan Allen who is already (and legitimately) being whispered about for an Oscar nom. I have to say that I actually liked Costner in this role. Joan Allen was fantastic (gush, gush) - she was sad and angry and a little crazy, and I loved her. I wish that I looked like that when I was drunk – I feel like I need to go invest in a bunch of fancy nightgowns and matching robes. Oh, and develop a taste for Grey Goose Vodka straight up with a slice of lime (shudder).

Billed as a dramatic comedy, it also features as the daughters, the little girl from Stepmom, Keri Russell from Felicity, the crazy blonde girl from Swimfan and the redhead from Two Weeks Notice, all of whom are also great. It is not a particularly plot-heavy film (although there is an interesting plot twist), definitely a character story. I would call this a must-see if you’re into character-driven storylines.

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