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Thursday, March 31, 2005

All You Need To Know About - Phil The Alien

Movie: Phil the Alien
Director: Rob Stephaniuk
Writer: Rob Stephaniuk
Producer: Mihkel Hirilaid
Distributor: Lion’s Gate Films
Website: http://www.blackwalk.com/philthealien/
Phil the Alien/SI Beaver: Rob Stephaniuk
Madame Madame: Nicole de Boer
Wolf: Graham Green
Joey: Brad McGinnes
Slim: Boyd Banks
Plot: Phil the Alien crashes to Earth and find himself alone in the wilds of northern Canada. In the process of going home he goes from drunk to Christian rock singer to mass murder.

This movie premiered at last year’s TIFF. I skipped it in hopes that just such an opportunity would come along to see it. Currently playing downtown at the Carlton (Carlton/Yonge), this film was very enjoyable. Previous to seeing it, I had heard various comments… that it was funny, not so funny, odd, etc. I must say that I really liked it. How can you not love a movie where the alien stumbles around wasted, (much like we did at the social club back in the day) saying things like “I’m frightened,” “I’m a magician,” “Moving things with your mind is the coolest thing ever.” Hell, he was hilarious just to look at! Oh, and Phil’s best friend on the planet is a Super Intelligent Beaver (who, incidentally can shoot a high powered rifle). I also loved the alien in the glass bubble saying over and over… “Kill me. Kill me now. Kill me” while whacking his face against the glass. If you are not laughing out loud and wanting a Phil for your very own, you’re of no use to me.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005


30 days until Coachella
Just thought I’d start by rubbing that in…

So it is a sad day… the girls from next door have moved away. Although I’m pumped to go see them in Vancouver, I will miss the quiet knocks on my door to chat, invites to dinner (fabulous homemade pumpkin gnocchi), and our reliable routine of picking up each other’s papers when one of us is out of town.

I’ve got my second race of the year on Saturday morning. I almost don’t want to count the first race – the Resolution Run on New Year’s Day… I was so hung over that I wasn’t certain I’d finish without yacking. That’s the last time I play Jell-o Shot Checkers the night before I race (although I am the undisputed champion) – I think I’ll stick to getting drunk at Raptors games and getting on the Jumbo-Tron with Greektown (before last year’s 10km Zoo Race). So anyway, this week is the Spring Run-Offhttp://www.canadarunningseries.com/springrunoff/ at High Park. There’s an 8km and 5km race and JeansMarines are mostly doing the 5km (as am I).

JeansMarines you say? They’re my running group: http://www.jeansmarines.com/. Midtown Girl and I joined in early February and we’ve been training with the ladies since that time. Ultimately, our goal is to run a full marathon (either the Marine Corp Marathon in Washington DC or the Toronto International Marathon, both in late October). So much for my goal of running a half this year! I never really wanted to run a full – I was quite content with the idea of a half – after all the only reason I got into the longer distances in the first place was to see how much my busted-up neck and shoulder would stand up to.

It’s amazing how attainable running the marathon feels with this group. The training is slow and steady; we jumped on board just as they were getting to the 5km distances, which we were both already doing easily. I’m looking forward to that magical week in July when we push past 10km for the first time! So there will be much more about JM in the months to come… I’m sure at some point I’ll be cursing Midtown Girl for dragging me into this and alternately thanking her. Maybe someday I’ll have a race time I’m not embarrassed to post!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Okay, so I missed a posting yesterday – I have a great reason… I was soooo HUNG OVER! So on Sunday I had a date – yes, a real, live date. I know, it’s been awhile. What can I say? I take my mother’s advice… she says take time off – I take time off. Anyhow, I’m officially back out there.

So deets… it was an all day / all night affair (shut up SJ Flames) that involved a stroll down Queen West with stops for lattes and book buying at a few cool shops, a movie (Be Cool – it was okay… Vince Vaughan was quite hilarious, Uma Thurman gorgeous and Travolta was Travolta), dinner at a pub by my place and drinks. Lots of ‘em.

The defining moment of the day was definitely when we were walking Queen West and the dude is like, lets stop at this record store… So he holds the door open for me, I walk in and realize as I walk in that we’re not in a record store… more like an adult video store. Nice! Just as this is clicking in, he says to me, uh, this is not the store I thought it was… and we duck out. Needless to say I got to razz him the rest of the day about bringing a first date to a porn store. That’s all class.

BTW - we're not giving him a blog name just yet... lets see how it goes. For the moment he's dude.

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I love that song!

So it’s Friday (holiday!!) and I’m sitting on my (new and fabulous) sofa, reading the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and listening to the radio (hmmm… channel surfing is more like it) and I land on a channel playing Celine Dion’s One Heart. So I stop and I listen and find myself smiling. Why am I smiling?! I’m so close to becoming a music snob, a somewhat cultured, almost in the loop, full-on fan of up and coming trendy music! Why am I enjoying this song?! I had such a strong gut anti-reaction to my initial enjoyment of the song that it gave me pause to examine why this was. Music is music! Then I thought about why I like that song. Not particularly because it sounds very good. Sure it’s pop-y and fun, but there’s not much to it. Then I remembered dancing to it… my first time at the Saint George Street Dance Bar with SJ Flames! Ah the memories….

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Thursday, March 24, 2005

In Miscellaneous News....

Oh god, I just got electronic pictures of our vacation… for some reason the photos I am most afraid of having out in cyberland are the only ones loaded on the site. Gulp.

Anyhow, in other news… SJ Flames is officially planning his trip to the big city… events will include visits to the Toronto Triangle Jays game / CN Tower / Steamwhistle brewery (Sunday, May 8, officially a SSHT national holiday – we will be on the Jumbo-tron). Also on the agenda… shopping (I’ve been tasked with finding a Hugo Boss outlet in TO or surrounding area… anybody???) and a Niagara-On-The-Lake wineries tour as well as of course, the aforementioned concert on the roof.

Vermont Girl has been persuaded to visit next weekend… after severe arm-twisting (B/E/G: Hey, want to come visit? VG: why? B/E/G/: ‘cause I miss you VG: okay) she’s booked her travel. Arriving Thursday, we will be planning a number of fun events including: Midtown Girl and I running our first Jean’s Marine’s race (Spring Run-Off @ High Park) on Saturday with VG cheering us on (she’s very good at cheering! She even makes up her own cheers.), a girls night out Saturday night and perhaps trying to get the box seats to Wicked (yes, I’m going to go AGAIN!). If anyone knows any good speed dating events in TO on the weekend, we’ve been working on some great lines we’d like to use…

I recently picked up the following CDs that I officially LOVE:
Keane – Hopes and Fears
Feist – Let It Die
Hidden Cameras – Mississauga Goddamn
Postal Service – Give Up
Got a free Stars / Exclaim Tour promo CD which I currently have in the car. Love that too.

Still listening to the Arcade Fire which I also love. Planning to pick up Handsome Boy Modeling School since I’m seeing them in early April.

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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Have I No Shame?

So last night I walked into Seduction – an adult toys/lingerie shop in my neighborhood (normally I would never shop at this place, preferring a much classier spot called Lovecraft in Yorkville, however I was pressed for time) and without blushing in the least, I asked the “greeter person” (at Seduction, the greeter person was dressed like a schoolgirl Elvira – this is why I prefer Lovecraft) where the vibrator section was. She asked this young guy to show me to the “wall-o-vibrators” and as we walked to the section, I asked specifically for the Egg (also I learned, called the bullet). At what point in my life did I stop feeling embarrassed? So as I asked questions about the various types of lube… I was kind of laughing at myself. When did I become this person? Years ago I would never have been able to even go in the store!

Same thing happened yesterday when I was having my physical… (more on that later). My doctor was drawing blood for my cholesterol and other old person type tests and I asked him to add an HIV test to the list. This is my second HIV test – I had one just before Fanny Pack and I broke up and I started seeing Ebola. I don’t think I needed to have one, it just seemed like the responsible, grown-up thing to do. And now as a single girl getting out there again, I like to know that I have a clean slate. It just amazes me how easy it was to ask for it. The last time I was so nervous, asking my doctor to have it done! It had nothing to do with being nervous about the results – I was afraid of being judged – despite having really only been in a string of long-term relationships. Strange really – I’d like to know when I stopped caring what people think.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Right to Live or Die

Have you heard about this?
This Terri Schiavo case burns me to no end. In an epic lineup of Right vs. Left, Pro-Life vs. Right-to-Die, this poor woman is the center of massive political maneuvering in Florida. In case you’ve been under a rock, here is a summary:
  • In 1990 Terri Schiavo, possibly due to an eating disorder, has a heart attack and suffers severe brain damage. According to court appointed doctors, she is in a persistent vegetative state and though has periods of wakefulness, is incapable of thought or emotion
  • Since 1998 Terri’s husband, Michael has been battling her parents Mr.&Mrs. Schindler over the right to remove life support (feeding tube – she breathes on her own)
  • The feeding tube was removed once before in Oct 2003 but the parents battled to have it restored (Governor Jeb Bush of Florida at one point enacted a law called “Terri’s Law” preventing them from pulling the tube but it was rejected by the courts.)
  • Friday, the state judge who has had the case since 1998, ordered the tube removed.
  • Monday, Congress convened to vote on Schiavo law, which orders the judgment stuck down and the feeding tube re-inserted. President Bush traveled from his ranch in Texas to Washington just to sign the law
    Today, Judge Wittemore, appointed to this case randomly by computer (was appointed judge by Clinton in ’99) did not order reinstatement of the tube, instead asking for time to review the case.
  • Today, Mr.&Mrs. Schindler’s lawyer (quoting Pope John Paul II who stated that Catholics cannot refuse food and water) commented that the order to remove the feeding tube forced Ms. Schiavo, a Catholic, to “disobey her church and jeopardize her eternal soul” by refusing food and water.

    In my humble opinion this entire situation is ridiculous. It has prompted thousands to complete living wills in case they should end up like Terri, hanging on in a lifeless state with no hope for recovery. The Right to Life people are eating this up like pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. You can’t tell me they won’t have the abortion debate front and center after this… it seems like exactly what Bush needed to appease the Right. I’ve got to say, if I ever end up in a persistent vegetative state or have no hope for full recovery, I do not want to be kept alive by any machines. Now how do I get one of those living wills?

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Monday, March 21, 2005

60 second movie reviews

Here are some really quick movie reviews…

In Hitch, Will Smith plays the “date doctor” Alex Hitchens, who helps lovelorn men by “creating opportunities” for them to connect with the women they are in love with from afar. It’s a really cute date movie. Unless you’re taking me on the date, which I don’t recommend because I laughed so hard that I snorted and numerous times I was caught slapping my knee. So that’s just embarrassing. Highlights: not a bad plot for a romantic comedy… my favorite parts were without question the dancing… LOVE the Q-Tip and SpongeBob SquarePants. Love it!

The Upside of Anger with Joan Allen and Kevin Costner.
Normally I would never be caught dead liking a movie with Kevin Costner unless it’s Field of Dreams. He’s tanked in so many films that it’s just painful to watch him. However, in this particular case, he plays an ex-baseballer (Costner was recently quoted as having said that he’s decided to play a baseball player once every five years until he dies), turned radio personality who wanders over to his neighbors house to get drunk with his recently abandoned neighbor, played by Joan Allen who is already (and legitimately) being whispered about for an Oscar nom. I have to say that I actually liked Costner in this role. Joan Allen was fantastic (gush, gush) - she was sad and angry and a little crazy, and I loved her. I wish that I looked like that when I was drunk – I feel like I need to go invest in a bunch of fancy nightgowns and matching robes. Oh, and develop a taste for Grey Goose Vodka straight up with a slice of lime (shudder).

Billed as a dramatic comedy, it also features as the daughters, the little girl from Stepmom, Keri Russell from Felicity, the crazy blonde girl from Swimfan and the redhead from Two Weeks Notice, all of whom are also great. It is not a particularly plot-heavy film (although there is an interesting plot twist), definitely a character story. I would call this a must-see if you’re into character-driven storylines.

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A Wicked start to my week

My reading material for the Mexico trip was Gregory Maguire’s book, Wicked, upon which the theatre production of the same name is based. I loved the book, a fantastic grown-up fairytale about how the Wicked Witch of the West and Glinda the Good Witch, both hailing from remote Oz, became who they are. The novel looks at politics, racism, sex and education among many other themes within the context of the stories and characters of the Oz we all know and love. The book was a great read.

Last night, I saw the musical Wicked, based on Maguire’s book. Adapted for the stage by Winnie Holzman with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, the play captured all of the main elements of the book, albeit with a slightly happier ending. Wicked is beginning its tour in Toronto and moves on to Chicago after it’s sold out run at the Canon Theatre downtown.

This was my second musical, the first being The Lion King, a year and a half ago. I doubt that any musical or play will ever compete with the opening scene of The Lion King, with the music and the animals… it took my breath away. However, as a whole, Wicked was an amazing show. It was cleverly written, and though a departure from the book in many ways, it allowed for more development of Glinda’s character, who, despite my scorn for all things THAT pink, was so good and so funny. Played by Kendra Kassebaum, there were a lot of laugh-out-loud Glinda moments.

Elphaba was incredible. Actor Kristy Cates replaced Stephanie Block for this performance (Ms. Block was injured during the last dress rehearsal several weeks ago and is slated to return on the 31st of March) and I was blown away by her character. Whether on a stage full of people or doing a solo, Elphaba’s performance and voice were riveting and during the musical number “Defying Gravity,” I forgot for a moment where I was because I was so caught up in the scene.

All in all, an incredible experience. Although sold out, I’ve heard that tickets can still be obtained on the day of, by heading down prior to the performance and putting your name in a hat. If chosen, you will be able to purchase two box seats for the bargain price of $25 each. For more details on the play, check out www.wickedthemusical.com.

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Friday, March 18, 2005

Want to do something fun?

Okay, go to the view my complete profile tab on the right hand side of the page and click on it. Take a look at all of the cool movies / music I’ve got there. I know, exquisite taste. Okay, now click on anything that strikes your fancy. I clicked on New Waterford Girl? Who else in the world would have seen and loved this movie?! Yeah, it turns out, lots of people. A great big whole bunch of people as cool as me actually put New Waterford Girl in their blog. So if you click on any of the stuff linked on the page, it will take you to a summary of all the people that have the same stuff on their pages. So maybe I’m really dumb for just discovering this, but nevertheless, very fun to play with.

So I think I got my very first prank call last night. At 530 AM. Someone called my home number and asked for an escort. I’m not sure to what they wanted to be escorted to (damn maybe that was my invite to the Junos or Geminis) because I hung up and they did not call back and I’ve toasted my caller ID. Normally I have the phone in my room shut off (having recently gone through some sleep issues relating to the bum neck, I’ve learned that nothing should interfere with my sleep). Yet another reason why I’m glad that in a few weeks I will be getting rid of the dinosaur land line… not being listed anywhere and no more telemarketing hang-ups on the answering machine. Boo hiss.

Hey, my right hand is tanned darker than my left. My right hand is also my drinking hand. Damn, that’s not obvious. Only 42 more days until Coachella.

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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Boobwatch 2005

Being from New Brunswick, I am used to month-long waits for doctor appointments, terse and somewhat frustrating visits where my doctor either sneaks in a cholesterol test in routine blood work or overprescribes a drug without even asking why, after three years I’m still taking it (I loves me my T-3). Figure that one out… Now I’m fully immersed in the Ontario health care system and I must say… so far I’m quite impressed. I have yet to wait more than a week to get in, even if I say it’s not urgent. When they pulled Vioxx off the market and I found myself struggling to manage the pain in my neck (not in this case Ebola), my Ontario doctor patiently took me through 4 different NSAIDs until we found one that didn’t make my extremities swell (Naproxen), give me migranes (Mobicox) or cause an allergic reaction (Bextra). This process took several months of trial and error and many, many visits. My NB physician kept me on my old drug for two years despite the side effects and was writing the prescriptions a year at a time.

So I called the doctor’s office today to make an appointment – I need refills for a prescription and I have to go in for my annual “womanly treasures” checkup (I knew I’d have a chance to use that expression!!). The next thing you know, I’m booked for a full physical next Tuesday. I’ve never had a physical before… even when I traveled to South America for several months and required one for the trip sponsors, I walked in to the office in NB and maybe had my blood pressure taken. That was my full physical. So I’m kind of pumped. I even have to fast before the appointment (I know what that means this time! They’re checking my GD cholesterol again!!). Apparently I even get hooked up to some kind of heart monitor machine… according to one of my girlfriends who goes to the same doctor – it’s a pretty intense process. So hopefully all is well and we don’t have a repeat of the “breast cancer scare of 2004,” although I still have the card that Vermont Girl sent and we did come up with some cute jokes…

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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

U2 and the TIFF

No Bono did not pull anyone’s hair or poke anyone with a sharp stick… The U2 concert EVENT for which numerous people including Marathon Girl, Vermont Girl, the Rea-ltor and my baby sister whom we will call Blondie (hey, just be glad it’s not Puck Bunny, my NHL All-Star dating sister…) are coming up to the big city, is taking place the very same weekend that the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) is rumored to begin. Anyone else’s heart racing yet? Anybody? Also, it seems that we may have an open ticket (I will NOT be selling it through this website so don’t even ask) and proceeds from getting rid of that ticket may or may not fund suites at the Royal York for a pre/post event soiree. Just so you know, it won’t be an “early to bed” night!! So… not only will you see U2, have options on seeing indie films that you may never otherwise have the chance to see, but it will be CELEBRITY heaven around here… Stay tuned for details!! And if you’re not coming… what’s the matter with ya?

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Mint Julep... Oh No You Di-int!

Do you have a restaurant where you know that you’re always going to have an amazing meal? Not just good, but outstanding? Big Daddy’s Crabshack and Oysterbar is that restaurant for me. I’m typically someone who finds something on the menu and sticks to it forever… and at Big Daddy’s, I’m loathe to admit that there is such an item… the seafood fondue. I’ve never not had it. However, I have additionally had nearly every other thing on the menu, including (thanks to my work pal from Halifax) the alligator bites. Yummy.

So last night, 601 and I headed down to Big Daddy’s and drank Mint Juleps, each had a lb of mussels (I liked 601’s creamy leek better than my garlic and wine), split the fondue, which if you’ve never had it, fly to Toronto tonight and get yourself in there, and followed up with an order of crawfish for him and coconut shrimp for me. It was so good!! I love that place – if I wasn’t going to marry my TIVO, I would consider the seafood fondue.

So after dinner, 601 and I wander down (rather circuitously in the freezing cold, while I did the SpongeBob Squarepants dance in front of the CBC offices) to Second City for a show. Monkey Soup was on the Mainstage last night. I’m a big fan of improv, having been a judge for the NB High School Improv Games for several years and this was no letdown. The show was incredible and hilarious and what Improv is supposed to be. 601’s hype about this particular group being the best in the country (or was it best in North America?), did not fall short. The tag-in/tag-outs were great, the flow was so good and they just seemed really tight. Oh and walking away from a show with expressions like “destroyed my womanly treasures,” “tall and fat girl is on a rampage” and “bedroom day” – I didn’t pay with MasterCard, but it was priceless.

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Monday, March 14, 2005

Hola Chichas...

So the Chicha MamasitasScallywag, Greektown, Young and Not Eligible (in keeping with trying to name people by geography… Young and Not Eligible – or Y/NE for short – lives at Yonge/Eglington, a neighborhood often referred to as Young and Eligible… In keeping with our name game discussion… fiancée? Partner? Girl/boyfriend?… I’m just calling her not eligible…) and B/E/G are back from their SI Swimsuit Edition photoshoot in lovely Playa del Carmen, Mexico. To answer your questions… yes, the weather was perfect, yes, we were the resident alcoholics, yes, it was a beautiful resort and yes, I harassed pool boys with my Spanish ALL week. No one got sick, no one got sunburnt so much so that they missed anything and no one was hungover (thanks in large part to Y/NE managing our water / alcohol intake). It was awesome.

Friday: We arrived without incident… and were ushered into the admin office to learn that the hotel was oversold and we would have to share a room for the first night. In return, they were happy to refund us the cost of our first night and at Greektown’s urging, offered us free massages at the spa as well. We dumped luggage, grabbed some food and drinks at the nearest bar and set out to explore the resort in the dark.

Saturday: After sorting out the rooms, doing the orientation tour, booking day trips and restaurants for the week, we headed for the beach pool (adults only). At the top of the resort property, it is a circular stone pool fed by the ocean. With waves breaking against the rocks surrounding it, and a distant view of Cozumel, it was one of the most beautiful spots on the resort and greatly enhanced of course when we hoochies showed up! Very first snorkeling experience and can I say I’m glad I was not attacked by the Bleel (it’s a fish that looks like an eel and it’s blue - and yes, we made up that name). Can I just say that Scallywag has THE most complicated suntan lotion regime I’ve ever seen? Dinner at the Mexican restaurant, followed by drinks and the show… naturally Greektown and I ended up on stage doing the resort dance. Day One

Sunday: Pool day! We staked out fabulous spots and Greektown and I were at the swim-up bar in our inner tubes before they opened. Which made for an interesting surprise when they turned on the waterfall that encloses the swim-up bar… ever try to get out from a waterfall in an inner tube while holding two drinks? Yeah, we’re now experts. Pool volleyball with the activity cuties followed up by water aerobics (poor woman who was THROWN out of the way so cutie activity guy could massage my back… hmm, little more to the front, little more…). The day ended with Greektown and I on stage AGAIN after the Mayan Riviera version of the Oscars… all I have to say is that beeyatch, Center Stage SO should have won best musical (it’s an honor just to be nominated), not that I didn’t enjoy the fat lady singing Grease at the top of her lungs – and doing the hand jive. Boo hiss. Day Two

Monday: Pool day – awesome spot with lounge chairs in front of the activity hut (ie: cute pool boys). Too many drinks to count – oh happy, happy day… there’s a cheese machine at the lunch buffet. More pool volleyball and Team B/E/G wins trivia… who says pretty girls can’t be smart? Off to our massages… sadly they were not “happy ending massages” although Y/NE had the cutest massage guy EVER – ja-leux (“Turn over Lady”). So now that we’re nice and relaxed and stretched out… how about a pub crawl with 200 other fun-seeking people from various resorts… we hit the cave bar, Carlos and Charlie’s (where Y/NE was groped and forced to drink tequila), and ended at Senor Frog’s for the most fun dancing ever… the bar was on the beach and yes, yet again, Greektown and I were on stage with the band while I wore the I Am Canadian cowboy hat… who called that I would have that on my head by the end of the night? Day Three

Tuesday: Playa del Carmen…. Beach day, boogie boarding and the “ladies” are set loose. Oh, and I got a cool straw cowboy hat. After several days on the resort, we packed it up for a beach day/shopping day in town – and yes kids, Scallywag and B/E/G set the ladies loose – it’s what you do in Me-hico… or if you’re Greektown and Y/NE, you OWN the boogie boards… Overall, an amazing day of beach-ing and shopping (I got to feed the amber obsession…). Ended the day smoking cigars in hammocks by the pool. Day Four

Wednesday: Xel-ha and Tulum – a day trip. So time for some serious snorkeling… and by serious I mean that I swam over a sting ray (talk about throwing up in your mouth…). It was completely awesome – we hung out at this beautiful nature park with a river that runs into the ocean… we started at the top of the river and snorkeled down. It was amazing. Then Scallywag and I exchanged our snorkeling gear for tubes (after persuading the equipment guys that they shouldn’t make us walk all the way back to the top of the river to get tubes – once again the “ladies” save the day) while Greektown and Y/NE took off to explore caves and do more snorkeling… after lunch we hit Tulumthe clifftop Mayan ruins where we learned that Mantachik (or something like that) means shut-up in Mayan. It was beautiful… and very different from the Teotihuacan ruins, just outside of Mexico City. Came home, got a little tipsy and hit the disco until the scary dancing people forced us off for our own safety… who knew shaking like that and doing leg kicks were back in? Day Five

Thursday: Y/NE and Greektown hit the Xcaret nature park while Scallywag and I lounged by the pool, drank our faces off and glared at the four families that decided to install themselves next to us – boo hiss! Although we didn’t resort to taking our tops off, one of our chair neighbors did… with our combined efforts of glaring, swearing etc… we eventually scared them off. It turns out that when you make a joke about being an alcoholic, the drink waitress starts bringing you doubles… After a lovely dinner at the steakhouse (which ironically had the best veggie option for Scallywag) we got hoochy-ed up and headed into Playa del Carmen to the Blue Parrot a much talked about nightspot for locals. Recommended by our lovely resort activity boys as well as various other people around the resort – it was far beyond our expectations… the dance floor was on the beach, surrounded by tiki torches and had only a sky full of stars as a cover. The DJ was amazing… and the dance floor was packed from the first song. The bar was open air, with swings hanging from the thatched roof. Further back, it was like Arabian Nights, billowing fabrics hanging down, Persian rugs on the sand and scattered pillows and another DJ playing great lounge-type electronica – very mellow. Definitely our best night. Day Six

Friday: boo hiss, our last day. We packed up, dropped our luggage at the front desk and headed down to the pool. We scored a great spot, dragged our lounge chairs into the water and drank until it was time to leave for the airport – taking short breaks to ham it up for the various cameras. We were definitely quite entertaining and no surprise, the families who settled down next to us didn’t last very long before moving to another, less X-rated area. We stuffed our faces with Domino’s pizza at the airport, did some last minute shopping then settled in to watch BJD II on the plane ride home… how perfect! And the trip was rounded out with absolutely the best airport greeting ever… Scallywag’s new man met us at the airport with flowers for each of us. We likee. Day Seven

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Thursday, March 03, 2005

I'm Outta Here

NOTICE: B/E/G will be away for one week starting todaypostings will return on March 14/05. I will have no cell phone, no BlackBerry, no anything with me on my trip. Just a couple of bikinis and some sunscreen…

So I’m leaving on vacation today… my first trip south in many years. I’m of course super pumped (Are you pumped? Are you ready?) to be spending the next week in the sun drenched Mayan Riviera! Not just because I’m desperate for a break from work and the daily grind and not only because it’s a five star hotel and not only because I’ll be harassing pool boys with my terrible Spanish, but because I’ll be sitting on a beach, sipping a daiquiri on March 11th.

Those of you who’ve been around any amount of time know that I like to fall apart around this time of the year. Those of you who’ve been around a LONG time know that this marks the 14th year since my dad died. Which, depending on who you’re asking, means that I’ve lived half my life without him. (Obviously in SSHT years, I’m only 24, but according to Maman, I am 28 – in this particular instance I defer to Maman).

I’ve done a tremendous amount of thinking about how much I miss my dad, and what he would think of me today. I have for the most part, endeavored to live my life in a way that would make him and Maman proud. Even though he’s not around, he’s as much of an influence as Maman and my mindful goal each day is do the right thing and have fun, because that’s what I’ve learned from both.

I often ask myself, what would he think of me? Would he be proud of what I’ve done? Proud of the fact that I live a great life in Toronto? Work hard at a great job, have really amazing friends, do incredible things? Most important, would he appreciate the decisions I’ve taken and sacrifices I’ve made to be where I am today? Of course. Which is what makes this year an odd one. Generally, I get very sad this time of year, have puffy eyes, etc… and it’s not like I’m NOT sad – I am – but there’s another feeling mixed in… This year feels like a coming to terms – a celebration almost – of what I’ve achieved and where I am now, because of their guidance. So sitting on a beach, drink in hand seems like exactly the right thing to do. Cheers!

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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

My Reputation...

People have said a lot of things about me… good and bad. One of the more flattering things anyone has said to me of late was a comment Midtown Girl made this past Saturday as we were driving by a pottery place…

Midtown: ”Hey B/E/G, want to try painting pottery?”
B/E/G: “Sure.”
Midtown: “Of course you do… you’ll try anything!”

I like that I’m THAT girl… the person that will go to any concert, try any kind of activity, go on any trip (and since the NY Resolution of 2002), and try any food/drink. The reason I love this about myself is because when I was younger – I was the opposite. Petrified to be embarrassed, avoiding any situation where people might laugh at me, or my biggest fear: try something that I wouldn’t be good at (every perfectionist’s nightmare).

I started to care less about this when I hit university and gradually, I grew less afraid of screwing up, less concerned about what other people thought (hmmm, seems like I had this conversation last night…). Eventually, things like going to a movie alone (remember, I’m from a small town where this is not the norm), going to aerobics classes and being the only idiot grapevine-ing the wrong way, traveling to the middle of Colombia by myself – all these things became something that I could be excited about, instead of fearful that I would screw up or that someone would laugh at me (because I already feel like an idiot, most of the time… Followed by: I like you just the way you are… BJD).

So add to this the fact that I’ve fully embraced my nerd personality… I am a bookworm. I like to cook. I like to design and sew my own clothes and make jam and Christmas gifts. I’m a movie-a-holic and love music (not just trendy Coachella music either…I LOVE Tom Jones & co.). I like to run. I like to refinish furniture and love power tools. Yeah… nerd. And I love it.

The end result is that I am exactly who I want to be BECAUSE of all that, not it spite of it.

So, that in mind... look for B/E/G taking stripper pole dancing at a studio near you...

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