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Thursday, February 24, 2005

That's It! We're Broken Up!

Something I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time… at what point is it okay to walk away from a friendship? I’m thinking specifically about one friend in particular – someone that I’ve had enormous difficulty keeping in my life, yet always seem to stay in touch with.

I don’t have to walk away from her – she doesn’t have a negative impact on my life. It’s just that living so far away from all of my old friends that when I am home, I feel like I’m spread so thin to begin with, that it’s hard to put time aside for someone who doesn’t bother to keep in touch through most of the year. I don’t find that I get much out of our talks anymore because most of the time is spent catching up, instead of actually discussing something of interest… it’s no longer the “pick up where we left off” friendship because who can even remember where we left off?

Our lives are really different than they were when we were close. She’s got the grown-up life and I’m contemplating hook-ups. Not a lot of similarity… Now don’t get all defensive… I have lots of married friends (really, I’m the black sheep of my group) that I enjoy spending time with – it’s not that. It’s more the fact that it is just such a damn hassle to keep in touch. All of my other friends, married, with children or otherwise, all manage to touch base every now and then. Most have even made the trip to Toronto (some many times, like Marathon Girl!). Not that a visit is a prerequisite either, just very damn fun (hint, hint, Albert County).

I think the turning point for this whole situation happened this summer. I was home for a weekend and no sooner got off the plane than I was at her house visiting. We spent the afternoon chatting and catching up. At the time, I was having some difficulty with Ebola and we talked about that. A few weeks later Ebola and I split. I was back East, days after the breakup and called my pal for a much needed chat. I heard back from her a month and a half later via email.

I’m not sure what do to… I’ve never broken up with a friend before. I think just letting it die away on its own, not asking for anything from the friendship is what I’ll ultimately do, even though it seems like the sissy way out.

Most sad is that I’m not sure she would recognize herself if she were to ever read this.

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