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Thursday, February 03, 2005

Shout-Out To the East Coast!

Welcome to the fold! We have two new bloggers… (It’s like a tv spinoff… except more fun!):

Marathon Girl http://smalltowngirlinsmallcity.blogspot.com/
Saint John Flames http://ssht.blogspot.com/.

You'll find them under my links on the side as well… check them out!

Can I just say that I’m thrilled that Ebola candy is catching on? Really – who hasn’t had effing Ebola candy??? Or in my case, several helpings of really, really sticky candy (books/friends/mother – 4 years, Fanny Pack, 3 years, Ebola, 1 year?!). Don’t get me wrong – Ebola candy can be nice, even taste good, (where am I going with THIS?!) but at the end of the day, it takes forever to get rid of the damn stuff and it’s all a waste of time. RANT.

I have to say, I am feelin’ for Marathon Girl. HE is Ebola candy… and it’s worse for MGirl because she does want the full meal deal, upsize to a family please, does that come with an SUV? I have no ticking clocks, my Mindful Maman does not badger (tee hee) me about kids / marriage / grow up please, and I’m quite happy by myself (I think I may have mentioned that before…?). Also, in fairness, of the three I mentioned, books/friends/mother and Fanny Pack are not really Ebola candy. Only Ebola is Ebola candy (confused much?). Even at that, my Ebola candy (original flavor) is not anywhere near Marathon Girl’s candy. That’s EBOLA (MGirl: just don’t say that you hate him, it’s hard to come back from that… “I don’t HATE you, hate you”).

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