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Monday, February 21, 2005

Now I've heard it all...

I really, really missed you.” What is it about those words? Why did I need to hear them? Why did those words bring such relief? When he said it, while more-or-less hugging me to him, it was like my brain shut off. I have no idea what I said back (probably “Really?”) or what was said afterwards (I think I pulled a Cinderella). I’ve been thinking a lot about those words (mostly while lying prostrate on my brand-new fabulous sofa, feeling really, really hung over) and I’m not sure what to do now with my new-found freedom.

Because as much as I felt over him, as much as I’ve been putting myself back out there after the extended dating hiatus, (out THERE: the scary dating world), nothing felt as freeing as those words. You missed me? Hmmm, well I don’t miss you (said thoughtfully, as in, I'm just really believing this now, finally).

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