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Monday, February 28, 2005

Nothing like starting your week with a hangover… just another night out with the Bride, ordering beer by the pitcher. Seemed like such a good idea at the time… right now, with the pounding headache… not so much.

Anyhow, I find solace in the fact that in four more sleeps I will be in Me-hi-co, drink in hand and sporting my new garter-belt purse. Slutty much?

So we were at a local pub last night, eating wings, drinkin’ beer and living life as it should be led… when the bartender switched the TVs to the Oscars… I had not intended to watch the Oscars this year, since I was quite remiss in my efforts to see all of the nominated films… in fact the only films I saw were Sideways, Eternal Sunshine and Supersize Me. I have every intention of seeing Finding Neverland and Hotel Rwanda, I’m sure at some point I’ll see the Aviator and I guess Million Dollar Baby (I am just so meh on both the Swank and DiCaprio). Despite missing many of the general public’s favorites… I did see some spectacular films last year… here is B/E/G’s list of Top 10 films from 2004:

3-Iron (South Korea), Sony Picture Classics, distribution in Spring 2005
Sideways (USA), currently in theatres
Maria Full of Grace (Colombia)
In Good Company (USA), currently in theatres
Big Fish (USA), available on DVD
Dead Man’s Shoes (Ireland)
Cronicas (Ecuador)
All You Got (Canada), coming soon!
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (USA), available on DVD
Shaun of the Dead (UK), available on DVD

I am still bewildered at the multiple Beyonce performances last night. I’m even more befuddled at the dude who shushed me while I was doing my fashion commentary during her second performance… oh no you di-int! Shushing in a bar? During Beyonce? I mean really. They left shortly after I turned my fashion wrath upon his lovely wife… oh honey, K-Mart called… they want their 1984 pink Jaqueline Smith spring line back.

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