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Thursday, February 03, 2005

"James Cameron is a Canadian"... That's right, and YOU are a Jackass

Saw yet another of the Top Ten films last night, the latest from writer/director Michael Dowse (of Fubar fame), It’s All Gone Pete Tong (you’re effing screwed). A mockumentary about a DJ named Frank Wilde living in Ibiza, Spain who loses his hearing, it features great music (yes, I got to hear AGAIN “I love this song! It’s the Beta Band!”), a coke badger (LOVE!) and a lead actor that looks like he begrudgingly crawled out of solitary confinement cell in a third world country. Luckily, the part called for that look. Throughout the film, I was struck by the thought… “is it possible that his teeth really are that bad?”

I wasn’t quite feelin’ the beginning of the film – the character’s life is so far outside what I can relate to (ie: coke badger) that I had the beginnings of buyers remorse… “I am not going to be able to sit though this.” Once I got over the initial grossness of the lead character, the film really picked up and I also became really interested in the hearing loss aspect of the film (hits close to home… what’s the matter with you ARE YOU DEAF?!).

Frank Wilde goes a bit mental (a lot mental) when his hearing completely disappears. We’re taken through the very interesting process of him piecing his life back together. Interesting because I can relate to the re-building process that a person goes through when confronted with this type of catastrophic loss. Watching a “larger than life” type character, deal with something that to him is so humbling, is fascinating.

Despite my early misgivings… (the snot is a REAL turnoff), I really liked the film. If you are into music, into interesting bands or looking for a great way to spend an hour and a half – check this movie out… set for release in 50 theatres in late April. The soundtrack (EMI) also looks amazing.

Thank you to the jackass who asked during the Q & A if Michael Dowse considered this film to be Canadian… Michael responded yes (of course) to which the jackass responded, well so is James Cameron. You are an effing jackass! Boo hiss!!!!! This question was actually worse than the moron who asked if Saint Ralph was shot in sequence. Why are all the “last” questions so predictably STUPID! Boo hiss!

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