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Monday, February 14, 2005

I needed time to recover...

Shake Hands With The Devil… The Romeo Dallaire Story

My final selection of the TIFF Top Ten films, a film directed by documentary filmmaker Peter Raymont was stunning. It was recently awarded World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at Sundance 2005. In fact, I needed a few days to think about the film, let it sink in, before I could put my thoughts on paper. Certainly not my favorite film to the series (Saint Ralph takes that award…), it had one of the most significant impacts on me – I am very conscious of my complete lack of interest in most news stories… my indifference to anything news-wise, that makes me think outside the boundaries of my daily life.

I think this started with me OD-ing on CNN. Who hasn’t? I had that period of my life when CNN was always on…it was my background noise for a long time… Iraq, IPO’s (not a stock market investor myself, I was for some unknown reason GLUED to CNN every morning during the tech/internet IPO boom – riveted to the TV, listening to what the big offer of the day would be), even back in the day… whole OJ trial (not so much a trial as a soap opera) and of course – Bin Laden and his crew. Eventually, I topped out and since then, have watched very little news… I read the paper cover to cover every Saturday and Sunday and the NY Times online (skipping anything remotely related to the middle east), but otherwise, I studiously avoid news. It tires me out. It feels like the same thing every day. I can’t tell what has been “dramatized” and what is actual news.

Anyhow, all this to say, I missed the entire Rwanda genocide. Completely. As in, first I heard of it was last year at the TIFF when Greektown scored tickets for that film. So the film was an education… in UN policy, in what Peacekeeping is and isn’t, and to some degree what it must be like to be an observer in an environment like that. If you are like me… head-in-the-sand-oblivious to events like this taking place right now, you must see this film. If you are more enlightened than me (shouldn’t be too hard), I suspect you’ll get even more out of this film. Shame on me for missing it the first time.

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