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Monday, February 07, 2005

I Feel Like Someone Stomped On My Body...

It was a very physical weekend. (no, SJ Flames, it was not THAT kind of physical…sadly). I’ve discovered a whole new level of obnoxious… apparently when I have a few drinks, I develop a whole new language that can only be described as “white girl urban speak.” As if it wasn’t bad enough that we were requesting Destiny’s Child, Snoop and whoever sings “Lean back,” here’s what we, okay I – sounded like when chatting with the DJ… (may be slightly exaggerated, but really, after those orgasm shots, I’m a little fuzzy)

ME: Playah, I’m not feelin’ your vibe… can you spin something I can get my groove on to?
DJ: Whatcha feelin?
ME: Gimme some Snoop, Lean Back, Destiny’s Child, and some old school stuff
DJ: Really? (read as: “seriously, white girl?”) You into that?
ME: I’m feelin’ that, you know what I’m sayin? (at this point I might have done JRock, I’m not sure… again, fuzzy)
Who am I sendin’ this out to? What’s your name?
ME: call us East Coast… (which he probably thinks is related to the East Coast/West Coast rapper thing, but not so much…)
DJ: Alright, we sending this out to the East Coast Girls, give us a little Lean Back, Lean Back...

Anyhow, Friday night involved much dancing, and much leaning back, lots of jiggly Destiny’s Child moves (Vermont Girl, I know you’re feeling that!). Saturday morning I crawled out of bed (after doing the countdown… 7AM, definitely too hung over to do ballet… 8 AM, wonder if I can drink water? 9 AM, think I can sit up… that’s promising…9:45… damn too late to cancel) and headed to ballet. I forgot that I was supposed to meet Midtown Girl downstairs, so I headed up to the studio and stood there, in that hungover kind of daze, cursed her up and down for being late. I debated whether I should leave if she didn’t show up. Then she showed. Boo hiss, I was counting on leaving!

After ballet came bowling… ya heard me… before anyone writes me off as hopeless and owning my own shoes, please let me say that it was a work fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters… and I was the top girl on my team (why am I admitting to this?). After a couple of beers, I was also the captain of team spirit! I also have great form... those of you who will admit to having bowled with me in the past know!

So topping all that off with a really great run up Yonge Street, I am now fit to be sedated.

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