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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Greektown Outed Me!!

Bitter much? I was thoroughly enjoying my very first single Valentine’s Day in many, many years… no pressure, no buying gifts… hassle free!

Greektown and I decided to have a little Valentine’s Day Single and Fabulous get-together… pizza, wine, Rolo ice cream and Toblerone. We even decided to exchange flowers… ‘cause what girl doesn’t want to get flowers on Valentine’s Day?!

Oh wait, I forgot to explain about the Creepy Security Guard… right. So my building has this Creepy Security Guard that is always on duty until like 8 PM. He’s like 10 and always gives the once-over and the Joey “How you doin’?” Weird. Anyhow, Greektown and I recently concluded that he must assume that we’re lesbos (it is that kind of neighborhood) because he’s toned down the creepy of late. The ongoing joke is that we’re Non-Sexual Life Partners… tee hee. If you've ever been to my building and met the Creepy Security Guard, you're getting why we were so willing to pose as Lesbos.

So back to V-Day… Greektown goes out for supplies… ice cream, chocolate…and upon her return, Creepy Security Guard asks her how her (our) V-Day is…She caved!!! Greektown told Creepy Security Guard that we're “two single girls” (did you say single girls or straight girls???) just hanging (or something to that effect). Boo Hiss! So now we're back to being regular (fabulous) single straight girls again... (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I take solace in the fact that being a frequent visitor to my building, she will also have to bear the uncomfortable “How You Doin’…” greeting from Ebola Hair/White Shoes (thank you, 601) Creepy Security Guard. Well, ha! I got you back… I went out with 601 for dinner last night and with any luck, he thinks I’m dating him!!!

And speaking of 601, as of the last few weeks, he has been granted Native status… yes, friends, 601 is a Native. Which really is like saying that I’m Japanese (oh wait, have you seen my old drivers license picture?), but whatever. That’s awesome for him, particularly for his business… grants and the like. AND we all know… what’s good for 601 means that I’m going to be a famous movie star… (what?). So I think that we should enlist the aid of SJ Flames in finding our dear friend 601 a new Native name… since SJ Flames is so good at the name game (a certain dinner theater exploit, Moosers Pub, etc… comes to mind) – I’m enlisting his aid in finding 601 a new name for the blog.

Oh and GREAT news birthday people… 601 gave the heave to old Europe (who needs them anyway) and will be performing Where The Streets Have No Name… you know what I mean…Fun!

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