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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A few of my favorite things....

(Are you humming The Sound of Music?)

Those of you who know me… know that I can get a little melancholy this time of year (although I’m guessing that a trip to Me-hi-co will fix all…18 days beeyatches). In an effort to kill time before I get on the plane… here is a list things that I enjoy:

  • Higgins & Burke Pear tea, Yoga Tea from the tea estate in Notre Dame, New Brunswick (Indian Spice tea), Timothy’s Chai Latte
  • 2001 McGuigan Cabernet Sauvignon, Stella, Smirnoff Ice, mojitos, slings
  • Kraft Dinner, beef tenderloin (barbequed, rare), cold Thai noodles from Zynger, Ritz Chips (cheddar, available in the US only), Méli Mélo, Mémère’s seafood chowder, spicy tuna rolls, poutine, garlic fingers, chocolate cake, Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza
  • Amber jewelry (although I’m wearing moonstones today…)
  • Nike Dry-Fit running bra, Asics runners, Fila yoga pants
  • Levis Superlow Bootcut jeans
  • Greektown’s Mega Mix / K-OS / Stars / REM best of / Killers / Tom Jones / Van Morrison (this is just today’s rotation, it changes frequently)
  • Cargo Cosmetics, Marcelle skin care, the Bride’s moisturizer (especially the new face formula)
  • Singer sewing machine, my PVR (which I’m going to marry)

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