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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Concert of a Lifetime... AGAIN!

Wait for it… wait for it… (IT’S ELEVEN O’CLOCK… DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE?). Ahem… On April 30th and May 1st, I will be attending the Coachella Festival in lovely Indio (Palm Springs) California… flights are booked, hotels are booked, 2-day festival passes have been purchased.

Can I just say that I am beside-myself, thrilled? Playing are all of the bands that I’ve been dying to see…Here they are, MY highlights… there are dozens more bands playing – too many to list! These are in no particular order, however my level of excitement can be seen by how many !! are after their names… (and I’m sure that Greektown will tell me who else I’m excited to see!)

Day One:
Coldplay (!)
Keane (!!!)
Snow Patrol (!!!)
Ambulance Ltd. (!!)
Buck 65 (!)
K-OS (yeah right, like I need !!!)

Day Two:
Nine Inch Nails (!!)
New Order (!)
Arcade Fire (!!!)
Tegan & Sara (!)
Stereophonics (!)
Sloan (!!)

To see the entire lineup…check the site… www.coachella.com. And eat your heart out suckas’…. Too soon to start the countdown? Only 66 more sleeps! Much more fun when I say only 45 more sleeps from when I get home from the Mayan Riviera… or only 40 sleeps after “Wicked” or 15 sleeps after Gavin Degraw…

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