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Monday, February 28, 2005

Nothing like starting your week with a hangover… just another night out with the Bride, ordering beer by the pitcher. Seemed like such a good idea at the time… right now, with the pounding headache… not so much.

Anyhow, I find solace in the fact that in four more sleeps I will be in Me-hi-co, drink in hand and sporting my new garter-belt purse. Slutty much?

So we were at a local pub last night, eating wings, drinkin’ beer and living life as it should be led… when the bartender switched the TVs to the Oscars… I had not intended to watch the Oscars this year, since I was quite remiss in my efforts to see all of the nominated films… in fact the only films I saw were Sideways, Eternal Sunshine and Supersize Me. I have every intention of seeing Finding Neverland and Hotel Rwanda, I’m sure at some point I’ll see the Aviator and I guess Million Dollar Baby (I am just so meh on both the Swank and DiCaprio). Despite missing many of the general public’s favorites… I did see some spectacular films last year… here is B/E/G’s list of Top 10 films from 2004:

3-Iron (South Korea), Sony Picture Classics, distribution in Spring 2005
Sideways (USA), currently in theatres
Maria Full of Grace (Colombia)
In Good Company (USA), currently in theatres
Big Fish (USA), available on DVD
Dead Man’s Shoes (Ireland)
Cronicas (Ecuador)
All You Got (Canada), coming soon!
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (USA), available on DVD
Shaun of the Dead (UK), available on DVD

I am still bewildered at the multiple Beyonce performances last night. I’m even more befuddled at the dude who shushed me while I was doing my fashion commentary during her second performance… oh no you di-int! Shushing in a bar? During Beyonce? I mean really. They left shortly after I turned my fashion wrath upon his lovely wife… oh honey, K-Mart called… they want their 1984 pink Jaqueline Smith spring line back.

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

That's It! We're Broken Up!

Something I’ve been thinking about for a LONG time… at what point is it okay to walk away from a friendship? I’m thinking specifically about one friend in particular – someone that I’ve had enormous difficulty keeping in my life, yet always seem to stay in touch with.

I don’t have to walk away from her – she doesn’t have a negative impact on my life. It’s just that living so far away from all of my old friends that when I am home, I feel like I’m spread so thin to begin with, that it’s hard to put time aside for someone who doesn’t bother to keep in touch through most of the year. I don’t find that I get much out of our talks anymore because most of the time is spent catching up, instead of actually discussing something of interest… it’s no longer the “pick up where we left off” friendship because who can even remember where we left off?

Our lives are really different than they were when we were close. She’s got the grown-up life and I’m contemplating hook-ups. Not a lot of similarity… Now don’t get all defensive… I have lots of married friends (really, I’m the black sheep of my group) that I enjoy spending time with – it’s not that. It’s more the fact that it is just such a damn hassle to keep in touch. All of my other friends, married, with children or otherwise, all manage to touch base every now and then. Most have even made the trip to Toronto (some many times, like Marathon Girl!). Not that a visit is a prerequisite either, just very damn fun (hint, hint, Albert County).

I think the turning point for this whole situation happened this summer. I was home for a weekend and no sooner got off the plane than I was at her house visiting. We spent the afternoon chatting and catching up. At the time, I was having some difficulty with Ebola and we talked about that. A few weeks later Ebola and I split. I was back East, days after the breakup and called my pal for a much needed chat. I heard back from her a month and a half later via email.

I’m not sure what do to… I’ve never broken up with a friend before. I think just letting it die away on its own, not asking for anything from the friendship is what I’ll ultimately do, even though it seems like the sissy way out.

Most sad is that I’m not sure she would recognize herself if she were to ever read this.

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Social Club... circa 1997

I’m in a nostalgia-type mood. I’m thinking Social Club… I’m thinking Cowgirl falling down stairs without spilling her drink… Vermont doing the sprinkler… Albert County assaulting people on the dance floor… 615 Windsor being RE-DAAAY. If I could make a university mix tape today… here is what would be on it: (again with the lists!)
OMC – How Bizarre
Proclaimers – 5000 Miles
Dan Seals – Bop
Nine Inch Nails – Closer
U2 – Mysterious Ways
Prince – Kiss
Garbage – Stupid Girl
Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Counting Crows – Mr. Jones
Spice Girls – Stop
Gypsy Kings – Soy
Philosopher Kings – Hurts to Love You
Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing
Robin S – Show Me Love
TLC – Unpretty
Presidents of the USA – Peaches
Dave Matthews – Crash
Chumbawamba (?) – Tub Thumping

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I'm getting MARRIED!!

Yes kids, I have decided to get married… I’ve narrowed it down to three choices… in order of preference: (I’m very into lists lately)
Prince William (does he have a last name? Is he like Cher? Anyhow, saw him being interviewed last night and I’ve decided he can be the first younger man I ever date)
Derek Jeter (did you hear that Derek Jeter is changing his name? That’s right, to Mr. B/E/G)
My PVR/Tivo (and close runner up… Sirius Satellite Radio)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Concert of a Lifetime... AGAIN!

Wait for it… wait for it… (IT’S ELEVEN O’CLOCK… DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR CHILDREN ARE?). Ahem… On April 30th and May 1st, I will be attending the Coachella Festival in lovely Indio (Palm Springs) California… flights are booked, hotels are booked, 2-day festival passes have been purchased.

Can I just say that I am beside-myself, thrilled? Playing are all of the bands that I’ve been dying to see…Here they are, MY highlights… there are dozens more bands playing – too many to list! These are in no particular order, however my level of excitement can be seen by how many !! are after their names… (and I’m sure that Greektown will tell me who else I’m excited to see!)

Day One:
Coldplay (!)
Keane (!!!)
Snow Patrol (!!!)
Ambulance Ltd. (!!)
Buck 65 (!)
K-OS (yeah right, like I need !!!)

Day Two:
Nine Inch Nails (!!)
New Order (!)
Arcade Fire (!!!)
Tegan & Sara (!)
Stereophonics (!)
Sloan (!!)

To see the entire lineup…check the site… www.coachella.com. And eat your heart out suckas’…. Too soon to start the countdown? Only 66 more sleeps! Much more fun when I say only 45 more sleeps from when I get home from the Mayan Riviera… or only 40 sleeps after “Wicked” or 15 sleeps after Gavin Degraw…

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Monday, February 21, 2005

Now I've heard it all...

I really, really missed you.” What is it about those words? Why did I need to hear them? Why did those words bring such relief? When he said it, while more-or-less hugging me to him, it was like my brain shut off. I have no idea what I said back (probably “Really?”) or what was said afterwards (I think I pulled a Cinderella). I’ve been thinking a lot about those words (mostly while lying prostrate on my brand-new fabulous sofa, feeling really, really hung over) and I’m not sure what to do now with my new-found freedom.

Because as much as I felt over him, as much as I’ve been putting myself back out there after the extended dating hiatus, (out THERE: the scary dating world), nothing felt as freeing as those words. You missed me? Hmmm, well I don’t miss you (said thoughtfully, as in, I'm just really believing this now, finally).

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He is dead to me...

Nope, not Ebola this time – Greektown’s yummy film producer/actor neighbor. Oh, and also, I am in love with the director of the film, who is also yummy. (And who may or may not be married – I was too busy asking questions about the film.) So anyhow, the film producer – CNB, invited Greektown to his film premiere/after party last Wednesday night…

So the doc… Les Chiefs, is a feature-length documentary about a semi-pro hockey team in Laval, Quebec.

Things started of with the CRAZY guy sitting in front of us, killing himself laughing at the opening act (dude from Air Farce, quite funny, though maybe not AS funny as the guy in front of us thought)… ha, ha, ha, (pause) haaaaaaaa. Also had GREAT hockey hair. I’m just sayin’… Okay, back to the film…

The Laval Chiefs are known throughout the semi-pro league they play in as a fighter team – renown for bench-clearing brawls that sometimes even start in the warm-up. It’s not unusual to see a player crack his stick over someone else’s head and guys recount stories of injuries by the number of stitches required…

The film focused on four players on the Chiefs team – the goons or fighters of the team, one of whom is producer CNB's brother Mike Bajurny. The four players featured in the film are mid-twenties to early thirties… didn’t quite make the NHL, and this is their only option if they want to keep playing for a living. There’s not a lot of money in playing for this league, several of the players live in an “apartment” under the bleachers IN THE RINK. Most of the guys make ends meet in the off-season as dishwashers, garbage collectors, etc… When they are playing however, they players, especially it would seem the fighters, are gods, as evidenced by the character, “Superfan.”

The movie chronicles the Chiefs season (although the film itself was shot over two seasons), ending with the team playing in the playoffs. Although about hockey, the film is really a character study on the four players as they come to terms with their choices as hockey players… Be a fighter or don’t play.

If you are a hockey fan (especially if you enjoy a little fighting), you will enjoy this film. If you like getting into the head of a character, you will enjoy this film. Shot digitally, the film really gives you the “behind the scenes” feeling, almost like the camera shouldn’t be there. For more on the characters, check out their site… http://www.leschiefs.com/. The film had limited theatre release last week/weekend and is being released on DVD on March 15. Pick it up!

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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Greektown Outed Me!!

Bitter much? I was thoroughly enjoying my very first single Valentine’s Day in many, many years… no pressure, no buying gifts… hassle free!

Greektown and I decided to have a little Valentine’s Day Single and Fabulous get-together… pizza, wine, Rolo ice cream and Toblerone. We even decided to exchange flowers… ‘cause what girl doesn’t want to get flowers on Valentine’s Day?!

Oh wait, I forgot to explain about the Creepy Security Guard… right. So my building has this Creepy Security Guard that is always on duty until like 8 PM. He’s like 10 and always gives the once-over and the Joey “How you doin’?” Weird. Anyhow, Greektown and I recently concluded that he must assume that we’re lesbos (it is that kind of neighborhood) because he’s toned down the creepy of late. The ongoing joke is that we’re Non-Sexual Life Partners… tee hee. If you've ever been to my building and met the Creepy Security Guard, you're getting why we were so willing to pose as Lesbos.

So back to V-Day… Greektown goes out for supplies… ice cream, chocolate…and upon her return, Creepy Security Guard asks her how her (our) V-Day is…She caved!!! Greektown told Creepy Security Guard that we're “two single girls” (did you say single girls or straight girls???) just hanging (or something to that effect). Boo Hiss! So now we're back to being regular (fabulous) single straight girls again... (not that there's anything wrong with that!). I take solace in the fact that being a frequent visitor to my building, she will also have to bear the uncomfortable “How You Doin’…” greeting from Ebola Hair/White Shoes (thank you, 601) Creepy Security Guard. Well, ha! I got you back… I went out with 601 for dinner last night and with any luck, he thinks I’m dating him!!!

And speaking of 601, as of the last few weeks, he has been granted Native status… yes, friends, 601 is a Native. Which really is like saying that I’m Japanese (oh wait, have you seen my old drivers license picture?), but whatever. That’s awesome for him, particularly for his business… grants and the like. AND we all know… what’s good for 601 means that I’m going to be a famous movie star… (what?). So I think that we should enlist the aid of SJ Flames in finding our dear friend 601 a new Native name… since SJ Flames is so good at the name game (a certain dinner theater exploit, Moosers Pub, etc… comes to mind) – I’m enlisting his aid in finding 601 a new name for the blog.

Oh and GREAT news birthday people… 601 gave the heave to old Europe (who needs them anyway) and will be performing Where The Streets Have No Name… you know what I mean…Fun!

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A few of my favorite things....

(Are you humming The Sound of Music?)

Those of you who know me… know that I can get a little melancholy this time of year (although I’m guessing that a trip to Me-hi-co will fix all…18 days beeyatches). In an effort to kill time before I get on the plane… here is a list things that I enjoy:

  • Higgins & Burke Pear tea, Yoga Tea from the tea estate in Notre Dame, New Brunswick (Indian Spice tea), Timothy’s Chai Latte
  • 2001 McGuigan Cabernet Sauvignon, Stella, Smirnoff Ice, mojitos, slings
  • Kraft Dinner, beef tenderloin (barbequed, rare), cold Thai noodles from Zynger, Ritz Chips (cheddar, available in the US only), Méli Mélo, Mémère’s seafood chowder, spicy tuna rolls, poutine, garlic fingers, chocolate cake, Pizza Hut pepperoni pizza
  • Amber jewelry (although I’m wearing moonstones today…)
  • Nike Dry-Fit running bra, Asics runners, Fila yoga pants
  • Levis Superlow Bootcut jeans
  • Greektown’s Mega Mix / K-OS / Stars / REM best of / Killers / Tom Jones / Van Morrison (this is just today’s rotation, it changes frequently)
  • Cargo Cosmetics, Marcelle skin care, the Bride’s moisturizer (especially the new face formula)
  • Singer sewing machine, my PVR (which I’m going to marry)

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Drama, Drama

So I reached out to Ebola. I know, I know… what the hell?! So it’s been what, six months since the breakup? I took some time, I healed, I’ve been having the time of my life…I’m in a great place. Why mess with that?

Here is the email that I sent to him:
Hey there,
Thought I’d reach out – I hope that you are well and that the coming weeks aren’t too tough. I’m sure that you have people to talk to, but on the off chance that you don’t – I’m around.

Please don’t feel obligated – if I don’t hear from you I’ll assume that things are great (or that you are holding the “hating you” thing against me ;)… whatever). n

Please note that this is the first time EVER that I’ve used one of those smiley face things in an email – it just seemed appropriate.

Here is my list of legit/not-so-legit reasons for why I emailed him:

  • I want to be the bigger person (I mean figuratively –my body is slammin’ y’all)
  • I feel sad for him that his dad died
  • I don’t have many people with whom I can talk to about my dad and despite his shortcomings, he was one of those people (Captain of the Football Team would be the other)
  • I want to brag about how great my life is (wouldn’t you, if you were having this much fun?!)
  • Having last words like “I hate you” and I dislike you in an “I wish that you had Ebola” kind of way are bad karma. I have to put the universe back in order
  • I don’t hate him anymore

Could you BE any more excited? Here is an opportunity to judge/slam my decisions ANONYMOUSLY and for all to see! How fun!

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Monday, February 14, 2005

I needed time to recover...

Shake Hands With The Devil… The Romeo Dallaire Story

My final selection of the TIFF Top Ten films, a film directed by documentary filmmaker Peter Raymont was stunning. It was recently awarded World Cinema Documentary Audience Award at Sundance 2005. In fact, I needed a few days to think about the film, let it sink in, before I could put my thoughts on paper. Certainly not my favorite film to the series (Saint Ralph takes that award…), it had one of the most significant impacts on me – I am very conscious of my complete lack of interest in most news stories… my indifference to anything news-wise, that makes me think outside the boundaries of my daily life.

I think this started with me OD-ing on CNN. Who hasn’t? I had that period of my life when CNN was always on…it was my background noise for a long time… Iraq, IPO’s (not a stock market investor myself, I was for some unknown reason GLUED to CNN every morning during the tech/internet IPO boom – riveted to the TV, listening to what the big offer of the day would be), even back in the day… whole OJ trial (not so much a trial as a soap opera) and of course – Bin Laden and his crew. Eventually, I topped out and since then, have watched very little news… I read the paper cover to cover every Saturday and Sunday and the NY Times online (skipping anything remotely related to the middle east), but otherwise, I studiously avoid news. It tires me out. It feels like the same thing every day. I can’t tell what has been “dramatized” and what is actual news.

Anyhow, all this to say, I missed the entire Rwanda genocide. Completely. As in, first I heard of it was last year at the TIFF when Greektown scored tickets for that film. So the film was an education… in UN policy, in what Peacekeeping is and isn’t, and to some degree what it must be like to be an observer in an environment like that. If you are like me… head-in-the-sand-oblivious to events like this taking place right now, you must see this film. If you are more enlightened than me (shouldn’t be too hard), I suspect you’ll get even more out of this film. Shame on me for missing it the first time.

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Monday, February 07, 2005

I Feel Like Someone Stomped On My Body...

It was a very physical weekend. (no, SJ Flames, it was not THAT kind of physical…sadly). I’ve discovered a whole new level of obnoxious… apparently when I have a few drinks, I develop a whole new language that can only be described as “white girl urban speak.” As if it wasn’t bad enough that we were requesting Destiny’s Child, Snoop and whoever sings “Lean back,” here’s what we, okay I – sounded like when chatting with the DJ… (may be slightly exaggerated, but really, after those orgasm shots, I’m a little fuzzy)

ME: Playah, I’m not feelin’ your vibe… can you spin something I can get my groove on to?
DJ: Whatcha feelin?
ME: Gimme some Snoop, Lean Back, Destiny’s Child, and some old school stuff
DJ: Really? (read as: “seriously, white girl?”) You into that?
ME: I’m feelin’ that, you know what I’m sayin? (at this point I might have done JRock, I’m not sure… again, fuzzy)
Who am I sendin’ this out to? What’s your name?
ME: call us East Coast… (which he probably thinks is related to the East Coast/West Coast rapper thing, but not so much…)
DJ: Alright, we sending this out to the East Coast Girls, give us a little Lean Back, Lean Back...

Anyhow, Friday night involved much dancing, and much leaning back, lots of jiggly Destiny’s Child moves (Vermont Girl, I know you’re feeling that!). Saturday morning I crawled out of bed (after doing the countdown… 7AM, definitely too hung over to do ballet… 8 AM, wonder if I can drink water? 9 AM, think I can sit up… that’s promising…9:45… damn too late to cancel) and headed to ballet. I forgot that I was supposed to meet Midtown Girl downstairs, so I headed up to the studio and stood there, in that hungover kind of daze, cursed her up and down for being late. I debated whether I should leave if she didn’t show up. Then she showed. Boo hiss, I was counting on leaving!

After ballet came bowling… ya heard me… before anyone writes me off as hopeless and owning my own shoes, please let me say that it was a work fundraiser for Big Brothers Big Sisters… and I was the top girl on my team (why am I admitting to this?). After a couple of beers, I was also the captain of team spirit! I also have great form... those of you who will admit to having bowled with me in the past know!

So topping all that off with a really great run up Yonge Street, I am now fit to be sedated.

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Thursday, February 03, 2005

"James Cameron is a Canadian"... That's right, and YOU are a Jackass

Saw yet another of the Top Ten films last night, the latest from writer/director Michael Dowse (of Fubar fame), It’s All Gone Pete Tong (you’re effing screwed). A mockumentary about a DJ named Frank Wilde living in Ibiza, Spain who loses his hearing, it features great music (yes, I got to hear AGAIN “I love this song! It’s the Beta Band!”), a coke badger (LOVE!) and a lead actor that looks like he begrudgingly crawled out of solitary confinement cell in a third world country. Luckily, the part called for that look. Throughout the film, I was struck by the thought… “is it possible that his teeth really are that bad?”

I wasn’t quite feelin’ the beginning of the film – the character’s life is so far outside what I can relate to (ie: coke badger) that I had the beginnings of buyers remorse… “I am not going to be able to sit though this.” Once I got over the initial grossness of the lead character, the film really picked up and I also became really interested in the hearing loss aspect of the film (hits close to home… what’s the matter with you ARE YOU DEAF?!).

Frank Wilde goes a bit mental (a lot mental) when his hearing completely disappears. We’re taken through the very interesting process of him piecing his life back together. Interesting because I can relate to the re-building process that a person goes through when confronted with this type of catastrophic loss. Watching a “larger than life” type character, deal with something that to him is so humbling, is fascinating.

Despite my early misgivings… (the snot is a REAL turnoff), I really liked the film. If you are into music, into interesting bands or looking for a great way to spend an hour and a half – check this movie out… set for release in 50 theatres in late April. The soundtrack (EMI) also looks amazing.

Thank you to the jackass who asked during the Q & A if Michael Dowse considered this film to be Canadian… Michael responded yes (of course) to which the jackass responded, well so is James Cameron. You are an effing jackass! Boo hiss!!!!! This question was actually worse than the moron who asked if Saint Ralph was shot in sequence. Why are all the “last” questions so predictably STUPID! Boo hiss!

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Shout-Out To the East Coast!

Welcome to the fold! We have two new bloggers… (It’s like a tv spinoff… except more fun!):

Marathon Girl http://smalltowngirlinsmallcity.blogspot.com/
Saint John Flames http://ssht.blogspot.com/.

You'll find them under my links on the side as well… check them out!

Can I just say that I’m thrilled that Ebola candy is catching on? Really – who hasn’t had effing Ebola candy??? Or in my case, several helpings of really, really sticky candy (books/friends/mother – 4 years, Fanny Pack, 3 years, Ebola, 1 year?!). Don’t get me wrong – Ebola candy can be nice, even taste good, (where am I going with THIS?!) but at the end of the day, it takes forever to get rid of the damn stuff and it’s all a waste of time. RANT.

I have to say, I am feelin’ for Marathon Girl. HE is Ebola candy… and it’s worse for MGirl because she does want the full meal deal, upsize to a family please, does that come with an SUV? I have no ticking clocks, my Mindful Maman does not badger (tee hee) me about kids / marriage / grow up please, and I’m quite happy by myself (I think I may have mentioned that before…?). Also, in fairness, of the three I mentioned, books/friends/mother and Fanny Pack are not really Ebola candy. Only Ebola is Ebola candy (confused much?). Even at that, my Ebola candy (original flavor) is not anywhere near Marathon Girl’s candy. That’s EBOLA (MGirl: just don’t say that you hate him, it’s hard to come back from that… “I don’t HATE you, hate you”).

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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

OMG, you must see this film!

The latest activity in the nerd parade was another screening of a film from the Toronto International Film Festival’s (TIFF) Top TenSaint Ralph.

Written and directed by Michael McGowan, this relatively big budget film (Disclaimer: 6 million dollar budget – for all of the Canadian films I’ve seen this year, I think this had the biggest budget… which is not to say that 6 million is a big budget by anyone else’s standard, just for the ones that I’ve seen… if I’m wrong (601), feel free to correct me) was one of the films that led me to buy the Top Ten Passport. I’d missed the film during the regular TIFF, but had really been struck by the idea. Being a bit of a runner myself… the thought of running a marathon seems completely out of reach… a 14 year old boy running the Boston Marathon and winning it – well that caught my attention. As usual, I’m getting ahead of myself…

The film is about a 14 year old boy whose mother is ill – he decides that to bring her back around, he must perform a miracle – and he eventually settles on running and winning the Boston Marathon. The film is instantly engaging… the boy, Ralph Walker (played by newcomer Adam Butcher) instantly takes over the screen and though there are agonizingly embarrassing moments, they are so well acted and so well presented that I didn’t get that “I wish I was dead for him” moment that I so often feel with actors / storylines of / about that age. (You know that feeling – you want to change the channel or just make it stop…).

The supporting cast is impressive… Gordon Pinsent plays Father Fitzpatrick, the school Headmaster / Priest. Campbell Scott (Singles and that Julia Roberts movie where he dies young… maybe called Dying Young?) plays Ralph’s running coach Father Hibbert and he is completely convincing… I can’t think of anyone else that would have played that role as well…(aside: the REAL Father Hibbert was in attendance at the screening) and Jennifer Tilly is great as Nurse Alice, tending to Ralph’s mother in the hospital (plus I love her raspy voice… I love when I have a cold and kind of sound like that).

The movie was filmed/set in Hamilton, ON and features lots of local shots and events (Around the Bay Road Race)… the film also has Gord Downie (one of the audience questions was “would I know anything else by him?”) covering Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen, singing against an orchestra, that takes your breath away (see the movie and you’ll understand…). I’m now getting used to sitting through until the bitter end of movies with Greektown so we can see the music credits (“Oh I love this song!!”).

The film has been picked up internationally, through Canada, Europe and Asia, and is set for release around here sometime around the real Boston Marathon… mid-April. It is a must see. Bring tissues. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0384488/

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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

A few new words...

Too much reading of the 48 Laws of Power...

schadenfreude \SHAHD-n-froy-duh\, noun:
A malicious satisfaction in the misfortunes of others

This word is courtesy of Hot Chocolate, not because he made it up, but because he enjoys it so much...

Ebola candy \ E-Bowl-a Can-dee\, expression
A waste of time that temporarily prevents you from enjoying other candies... often gets stuck in corners of teeth and is most annoying... usually causes you to enjoy the next candy (or candies) much more... can be used in the following manner... "Marathon Girl dated Ebola candy for a while then moved on to the captain of the football team" or "SJ Flames and the Mysterious Mr. Toupee dated for a while, but it turns out he was Ebola candy." "That meeting with Hot Chocolate was complete Ebola candy."

Ebola candy originates from The Bride... who got Quality Time toffee stuck in her teeth while on her way home on the subway... (an aside... is anyone finding it slightly ironic that Ebola is going to Africa?? Just me? Alright then...)


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