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Monday, January 31, 2005

Winterlicious 2005 - Pangaea

So, first restaurant of WinterliciousPangaea is located at Bay and Bloor, very trendy area of town, across from David’s Shoes, a store that I cannot walk by without wanting to lick the windows… (shoe fetish much?). The outside is very unassuming – in fact it looks like very small spot when I pass it every day on my way home from work. Inside, the architecture of the room is beautiful, with high ceilings, a stunning sculpture on the upper right wall. Enough about the restaurant. The food was fantastic… I started with the wild greens and pear dressing… other than the profusion of clover-type leaves in my salad (I kept looking for a 4-leaf clover – no luck), it was very nice. Both the Bride and I had the duck… and the first bite was maybe the best bite I’ve ever had. Spectacular. The entrée was overwhelmingly large, the wine did not stop flowing and dessert of lemon mousse was tiny, but delightful.

This restaurant would be normally quite out of my reach (the desserts are all $12…) but for the occasion of Winterlicious, which I guess is the point… I would definitely recommend this to anyone who enjoys duck. We had a bit of difficulty with the wine list… like any restaurant list it was hugely expensive, but in this case, there was nothing on there that screamed spend $50. We ended up with a nice bottle of La Palma Cab (Chile $32). Meh, on the wine list.

$30 Dinner
Choice of:
Pangaea Hot Soup
Acorn squash and quince with Quebec cheddar
Wild and cultivated greens, shaved vegetables,
pear-pommery dressing

Choice of:
Duck Confit
Duck legs on apple & cinnamon braised cabbage, speck,
roasted duck and juniper reduction
Egg noodles, slow cooked tomatoes, leeks,
baked garlic, parsley, in truffled olive oil
Roasted vegetables, stewed organic lingot beans,
thyme & white wine butter

Choice of:
Hot Belgian Chocolate & Marshmallows
Cup of hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows
gingerbread and candied orange
Lemon Trio
Lemon mousse on lemon curd
with crisp meringue, and lemon cookie

(beverages, taxes and gratuity not included)

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