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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Just when you think it can't get any better...

We decided to kick off our concert year with a roadtrip to Kingston ON, to see our favorite band of 2004 – K-OS, whom we had each already seen a few months ago at the beginning of their tour, but felt was worthy of a 3 hour drive out of town. It set a ridiculously high standard for every other show we’ll see this year.

Picture the smallest stage EVER. I could have touched about three of the band members without having to fully extend my arm. Also, the band had improved since we’d last seen them and were really tight. They seemed much more at ease… Highlights included the most amazing freestyle (I am the least hip hop person (read as: whitest) in the history of the world and I am likely abusing the expression freestyle, but it captures what I heard) … in the middle of “Crabbuckit,” this blond skank climbs up on stage and starts molesting K-OS. Without missing a beat, he starts rapping about how this blond girl is touching him inappropriately… He kept it up until security hauled her off stage and then went back into the song. Awesome.

We were admittedly among the more enthusiastic people in the audience - that being said, we were not among the “hump the speaker” crowd, nor the “I forgot to put on a shirt and oops is my t-bar showing, tee hee” group. Not band groupies, more like music groupies.

Which makes it all the more fun that we got to hang with the band after the show, because I was under the impression that only the “strippers in training” as Greektown Girl describes them, got invited onto any band’s bus. Apparently the mere fact that we were having the most fun ever was enough to score an invite.

So sure, it was fun to hang on the bus and it made for a great Monday morning story… sort of solidifies my status as the trendiest person in the office… (I’m also the only single person in my office and the youngest by many years, so the “trendiest” moniker is not that tough to get). But it was also cool to get to know them afterwards. I guess what will make this concert experience hard to beat in the coming year is not so much that the performance was amazing, nor that we had so much fun during it, or even that we got to chat them up afterwards… but the fact that it all happened at the same show.

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