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Friday, January 28, 2005

Gimme my free cake and there had better be some singing!!

Here it is everybody… the latest and greatest in new ideas courtesy of Hot Chocolate. Are you ready? Birthday Eve. Ya heard me… birthday eve. We add a whole other day to the official birthday celebration. It means two days of free cake and singing at restaurants… two nights of legitimately doing jello-shots with no irony or remorse. Think of it… when you wake up all hungover and yucky from the birthday eve celebrations, there’s cake and presents (and more booze) to make you feel better. I’ll take that over a bottle of Gatorade any day.

2005 is like the perfect storm of birthday celebrations too… Saint John Flames is coming up to celebrate our birthday (we’re turning 24 – shut up beeyatches), which falls on a Sunday (hello baseball game at the Skydome with giant beers). Greektown Girl’s birthday is on the Friday. Sooo if you factor in birthday eve celebrations, we essentially begin the celebrations on Thursday with birthday eve for Greektown, the real b-day on Friday, b-day eve for SJ Flames and I on Saturday and b-day on the Sunday. Start booking flights gang, you don’t want to miss this. An itinerary will be published for the four-day event but is likely to include a concert on the roof courtesy of 601 if he’s back from boring Europe.

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