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Friday, January 28, 2005

Further Adventures of the "Music Groupies"

Damn it all to hell, I missed the Trailer Park Boys Tuesday night (effing sold out). How am I ever going to be on their show if I keep missing them??? The only thing offering me solace right now is the fact that I’ll get another crack at the Stars when they come through town in April and that I saw two stellar shows last week… the Scissor Sisters and Metric. Two VERY different shows, but both amazing!

Scissor Sisters, a very sexually charged, flamboyant NY band put on a fabulous show… (Fabulous being the only appropriate word)… I LOVED where we were standing (not really standing, more like gyrating), crowded into the dancing gay men section. I LOVED that the lead singer dude was wearing the tightest, most sparkly, did I say tightest?, lowest cut pants I’ve EVER seen on anyone. As Saint John Flames would say… you could see what religion he was… tee hee. I’m never going to get over my jealousy over his feather boa either… bitch… The highlight of the night (other than the matching sparkly suspenders) was a cover of Franz Ferdinand’s Take Me Out, à la 1970’s disco as lead in to Take Your Momma Out during the encore… again – Fabulous! I came out of there in the best mood! (and not just because I hung out with a room full of men from my neighborhood and no one tried to give me a makeover).

Metric was awesome for a whole other reason… the show was at the Mod Club, a first time venue for me… I loved the spot, though the acoustics kinda bit. Within minutes of Emily hitting the stage I was in complete agreement with Greektown Girl that if I were ever to be a rock star, I would want to be her (maybe with Gwen Stefani’s stomach). We had an awesome view… hanging out upstairs with our own bar within reach. The music was great, the band was tight and Emily really warmed up to the crowd as the show went on. The cutie hotties hanging around us didn’t hurt either… they even quieted down when Greektown gave them her “you don’t appreciate this music… I do, so shut your face” speech. Awesome… we got several rounds of drinks for that speech (sidebar… I have to stop letting people buy me drinks… I get the worst hangovers because I lose track of how much I’m drinking if I’m not buying). Anyhoo, much dancing and singing along later… the evening ended on a flattering note with the following dialogue with one of the cutie hotties:
Boy: can I have your number?
Me: no
Boy: can I give you mine?
Me: not really
Boy: can I give you my email?
Me: if you really want to
Boy: can I kiss you goodnight?
Me: no
Boy: really? Just one kiss
Me: no

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