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Monday, January 31, 2005

Further adventures of the celebrity shocker - TIFF Top Ten

I will admit to being absolutely the most inept, insipid and yes, insane person around celebrities… I have come a long way in the last year, from my regrettable encounter with Canadian writer Rohinton Mistry, “can you believe that I read your book in school? In school! How cool is that?!”, the Colin Firth incident of the 2004 film festival… “CO-LIN!!” and my recent encounter with Douglas Coupland at a reading/book signing… “Oh, that being blessed part? You can scratch that out.” I have now hit what I believe to be a new low… I told director / writer Daniel Roby of La Peau Blanche (winner of City TV’s best Canadian First Feature at the TIFF, a film that I saw during the festival last year) that I (quoting here) “threw up a little in my mouth when I heard from the guys in the lineup that your movie was about vampires.”

I did bounce back from that comment and we had a really great discussion about how his film did not feel like a vampire movie, it wasn’t shot that way, the lighting, shooting, tone of the movie was not something that resembled that genre and it felt more supernatural. Despite being very hungover the morning of the screening, (hence the throwing up), I really enjoyed the film. We also chatted about how the film had been received at different festivals, and he made the interesting comment that he had encountered some difficulties in France because as a French movie, the film was presented without subtitles, and the accents were troublesome for some audiences.

On the whole, I think I’m getting a bit better – I haven’t actually insulted /assaulted a celebrity in quite a while… although Greektown Girl might disagree – she had to repeatedly remind me to use my indoor voice when I got a little excited about Atom Egoyan standing next to me and I exclaimed that “he’s teeny tiny! I could put him in my pocket.”

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